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Understanding CRT and its effect on our children and country...

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Joe Mobley is a talented entrepreneur, family man, and unabashed conservative Christian based on Washington, D.C. He is an educated, inspiring young man who recently started his own online network and podcast in an effort to help others to navigate today's tumultuous society. He is a long-time Christian, worship leader, and a vocal critic of Critical Race Theory. Recently he has been making his presence known at Loudoun County, VA school board meetings and has been voicing his opinion as a Christian, a dad, and an American success story. In this episode of The Kinetic we dig in deep and take a hard look at CRT, and the broader "equity & inclusion" movements that are taking hold in our country, what they mean to our children and what we as Christians can and should be doing in response. The Joe Mobley Show is a new and exciting podcast all about navigating conservatism in America today. According to his website, Joe feels that a great number of conservatives are, and have long been, "in the closet". "While this may allow us to avoid unwanted discomfort and confrontation, it forces society to believe whatever narrative is cast for all conservatives." His show aims to empower everyday people to come out of the conservative closet. By discussing difficult topics, past experiences, and practical tips for handling relationships, Joe believes we can then do the vital work of correcting the false narratives that exist about conservative Americans. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE BELOW PREMIERING JUNE 20th at 4pm EST:


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Your Divine Gifts

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Sherman Morrison is a freelance writer and editor who is publishing his first novel, When Willows Weep. He wouldn't normally have the time to write a novel, but the global pandemic brought a halt to his other passion performing in live theatre. Sherman has also become a lay preacher at the church he attends, the United Church of Christ in Keene, New Hampshire, where he has lived for the past 25 years. When Willows Weep is a young adult fantasy novel about a twelve-year-old girl in the sixth grade who finds herself in the middle of an epic battle between good and evil. Using her three divine gifts of Sight, Light, and Fight, she must help defeat demonic forces threatening to destroy all that is good. Morrison wrote this book because he wanted to explore interesting intersections such as compassion and combat, faith and fantasy, ecology and education, redemption and rejection, all set in modern times with fantasy elements layered in. His hope is that, in reading this book, you will not only be entertained by the story, but also grapple with some of the questions it raises: Does everyone deserve redemption? How many chances do you give someone? What are the limits or boundaries of compassion? How would you react if you discovered you had special abilities and were expected to use them in an epic battle between good and evil? Willow is twelve years old, loves her parents, and enjoys attending the Elm City Waldorf School in the small city of Keene, New Hampshire. Soon after discovering she has the divine gift of Sight, she becomes aware of a whole world most people don’t know about—a very real battle between the forces of light and demonic forces of darkness. She also learns of others who have divine gifts, including the pastor of the church she attends and her Waldorf teacher Mr. Retsof. There is also Dr. Sosserie, who takes on the task of training Willow in how to use a second divine gift she’s found to possess: Fight. When a third divine gift of Light emerges, Willow must join forces with other gifted people to protect and defend her school, the city, and the otherwise unseen fae folk from the demon Gehenna and her vast horde of hellhounds. You will love this book if you enjoy fantasy novels in all their forms, but especially if you like fantasy set in modern times in the real world. When Willows Weep speaks to anyone who likes fantasy, those who are aligned with the Waldorf approach to education, and people of faith as well. How those all fit together in this story makes for a unique novel! Ultimately, Morrison hopes When Willows Weep inspires reflection and fruitful dialogue about questions such as the following:

  1. What does true compassion look like and does everyone deserve it?

  2. What role should education play in shaping the character of young people and care of the planet?

  3. Can free will and destiny coexist?

He looks forward to exploring these questions and beyond with his readers. He believes discussing these themes and exploring these questions will change us all for the better. WATCH HIS BOOK-PROMO VIDEO BELOW:

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