Hearing God's Voice


ABOUT OUR GUEST: Ruth's story began in a small Pennsylvania town with a population of only 900 people. Her walk with God began at a Methodist retreat camp at the age of eleven where she first became saved. Later in life Ruth served our country in the United States Airforce during the Vietnam war as one of the first women to work on radio equipment in airplanes. She went on to work in church ministry, holding positions in Kenneth Copeland Ministries' and the 700 Hundred Club organizations during the 1980’s. After working in ministry, God gave Ruth direction and told her that she didn’t know how to speak to people who live in the world so she decided to make a shift and went to work for a district judge, a law firm, and eventually the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Today Ruth runs a personal ministry that is dedicated to helping those who feel called to bring God's Kingdom into the workplace.

"I am one of God’s kids who has walked with Him for over 50 years. I have had many bumps and bruises along the way, but I am still standing by His grace and love. My mission in life is to help people from all walks of life to hear God’s voice and fulfill their destiny."

My journey with God has been one of wonder and amazement. Over the past week I have been wrestling with my own sensibilities and holding fast to my own stubbornness, continually coming to God asking the same questions that I have for years, only to be reminded over and over that He has already provided the answers. But it was me who refused to see them. Refused to accept them. My "Yeah, but..." attitude toward prayer was creating a blockage that was preventing His spirit from flowing fully. But I did not see it. The revelation I was asking for, pleading for, suffering for, was already given, years ago. This He recently reminded me through a truly fascinating series of events that I can only describe as wonderous. Since He took me on that mountain in TX two years ago, this has been what it's been like. Over and over I see this same pattern recurring. My friends, the depth and scope of what He has done in my life over these past years is so massive that I've not been able to truly represent it well enough through social media posts and video clips. What I've presented here to my friends is such a small portion of the greater truth, the reality of how He has and continues to move in, on, and through my entire life. Blessing after blessing pouring upon me, even in my darkest moments when I most certainly do not deserve them. I withhold so much of these because they are private and deep and honestly there is so much suffering now in the world I do not wish to ever come across as having a "Look how God has blessed me and mine!" attitude. I am eternal grateful for the health, love and prosperity that He has poured upon me and, without going into full details, I will stand firm on the facts. All of these things, unseen and seen, are due to His grace. Period. End of story. There can be no other reason for what has happened and continues to happen daily.

This cross which hangs on our dining room wall has a significance in my marriage to Esthere and our relationship with God as a couple. Over this past week I have seen this word manifest, unfold, slowly, step by step, as I came to understand that the revelation I was so desperately seeking for so long was already provided, but because I didn't fully act with a whole-heart on the previous promptings of His Spirit, because I accepted only partially His previous clear and specific direction given the last time I asked for it, like so many previous times before, because of my choice to cherry pick through His response to my prayers over the years I missed the mark and missed the blessings that were right there, waiting all along.

How do you receive revelation when it is given to freely? You act. You accept it. Then you do what He is asking you to do, faithfully, not with pretense, nor half-heartedly. Do what He directs using the tools and gifts that He has blessed you with. Circumstances kept building over recent days until a breakthrough finally came forth. I'll be talking about this more in upcoming TV shows. Yesterday evening I received a text out of the blue that confirmed the direction that has been flooding into and over me in such a powerful and obvious way that I literally lost my balance and had to sit down for being overwhelmed.

I share this now for no other reason than to offer testimony to the truth of my situation and the amazing reality of how God continues to manifest in physical form in my life. How dare I come to God and petition and plead for breakthrough, guidance and revelation as to my purpose and what I am to "do" with my time on this planet, acting as if He has not heard my prayers. I have heard His voice, but I've been luke-warm in my action. I see this now. When we ask for revelation we have to come to Him with the true intent of accepting His answer and acting upon His direction. His plan for our lives is for Him to give and for us to walk out, not for Him to suggest and us to figure out.

Are you waiting for a breakthrough? Ask yourself this question....

What did you do with the last revelation He gave you?

In the answer to that question you will most likely receive the resolution you are now waiting for.

Walk out His direction without fear, without overthinking, in total trust and the peace that you experience will be so beautiful. God bless you all and as you go through this day know that Christ's light is coursing through you and is flashing and pulsing and radiating about you for all those around you to see and bask in. Allow them to see it. Accept his direction and guidance allow His radiance to give light to others, for their benefit, so that they may see the reality and presence of His love manifest in our world.

Peace, my friends.



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