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Recognizing and walking out God's plan for your life.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Adoma Adae is a Longwood University graduate who holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing. She was raised in Alexandria, VA and works for the Department of State in Washington, D.C. in the

Congressional Affairs office as a Liaison Program Analyst where she support Congress with international relation matters. She is the founder of Dark IS Lovely, a mentoring program in which her goal is to encourage young girls to love themselves how they are and inspire women to celebrate one another. She is a board member for the West African Community Collaborative(WACC), an organization whose main goal between the African community and the American system (healthcare, education and immigration system). She recently wrote her first book called the The Truth behind the Shades quote;. A book to uplift single women where it highlights the unique journey of six individual women who reveal their true personal stories and journey on love. Adoma is also a Mental Health Advocate with the passion to help family members who battle with depression.

Founder of Dark IS Lovely mentoring

Mentoring for Young Girls & Women

~Encouraging young girls to love themselves how they are~

~Inspiring Women to be the best they can be~

Mental Health Advocate

In Support of Families assisting a loved ones who battles depression

Visionary & Co-author of "The Truth Behind the Shades" 

Amazon link: buy book here

Mentor with West African Community Collaborative (WACC)


Blending Biblical Wisdom with Modern Technology

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Clint is the Lead Pastor of Forward Church of Sharpsburg, GA which he founded with his wife Sara in 2008. He is also an author of nine books, a musician and founder of Creator Tools for Transformation which is a series of electronic meditation tools that utilize a technology known as brainwave entrainment. Through the use of Binaural Beats and original music compositions, Clint has developed resources to help people physically relax and become more receptive to God's Word. He has also developed resources to heighten focus and energy to break free from sin and oppression, all based on and bundled with Bible teachings.

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