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"A Faithful Family"

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Fostering The Culture of Heaven

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Andy Burkett of Brookville House of Worship is our guest along with his wife, Tiffany and "co-heirs in the Lord", David and Nicole Balzer. Together, they are the founding members of Brookville House of Worship in Brookville, PA. Over the years, they've had a strong desire to see the Person, Jesus, and His love tangibly be felt in their small town in rural central Pennsylvania. They are excited for the manifestation of Jesus that radically saves people from death and brings them into life and they believe that Jesus brings transformation that can change an entire person, a household, a community, and a nation. Above all, is the believe this can be found by being present with His presence. At the Brookville House of Worship, people are allowing the culture of Heaven to erupt. This happens in praise, worship, prayer, teaching, preaching, and by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says “taste and see that the Lord is good”. This is who BHOW is as a gathering...the ones who commune in the goodness by tasting and seeing that the Lord is good. Come and check out what the Lord is doing and how The Burkett's and their brothers and sisters in Christ came about their mission, and launched their vision for the benefit of their whole community. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE BELOW:

To Learn More About Our Guest:

Check out this video from Brookville House of Worship, get to know our heart for our Lord Jesus.

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