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Who and What Is The Kinetic? 

The Kinetic is a family-owned business operated by husband and wife team Sam and Esthere Ettaro..  Sam is an award-winning digital media teacher who, prior to teaching, had a career in professional multimedia production and TV.  He has produced content which aired in PBS as well as Fox 8 and ABC23.  Sam is also a long-time social activist, internet radio talk-show host and local political figure who has used his talents and vision to promote education, innovation and entrepreneurship as well as government transparency.  Esthere has spent her career in the realm of luxury fashion working in management for such companies as Versachi, Moncler and Channel. The two married on December 24th, 2019 and currently reside and work in Oakton, Virginia which is within the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Together they pool their design and business efforts to produce engaging online content, educational programs and faith-filled product lines which hold to and promote The Mission of The Kinetic.

Inspiration | Motivation | Education [ki-net-ik] adjective 1. pertaining to motion. 2. caused by motion. 3. characterized by movement: Running and dancing are kinetic activities.

Kinetic energy is the energy an object has because of its motion. If we want to accelerate an object, then we must apply a force. Applying a force requires us to do work. After work has been done, energy has been transferred to the object, and the object will be moving with a new constant speed. Kinetic energy is always positive.

At The Kinetic we use the word as a noun to describe a faith movement. "Faith in Motion" means the realization of the manifestation of our faith is activated by our active faith walk. As we choose to be guided by The Holy Spirit and walk out God's plan for our lives we allow His energy to transfer into us and propel us forward. Ever forward.

The Kinetic is an opportunity for members of our community to come together for the purpose of providing educational and inspirational opportunities to one another. In this space people of diverse backgrounds come together to share ideas and enjoy the magic of the human experience in the body of Christ.  Personal and professional growth is enhanced through the direct stirring of our inner potentials and the application of the kinetic energy that results from our choice to move forward in living faith and progress on a path toward wellness, balance and prosperity in our lives as directed by God and His word.  We at The Kinetic will strive to provide a warm and welcoming experience to our clients and friends. MISSION: We recognize and celebrate the vital nature of motion in our lives and therefore we will constantly strive to provide quality professional and personal services to our friends throughout our community and such service is designed and offered in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation in the Body of Christ.  The goal and focus of our professional and personal services is to enhance and magnify the unique walk of each of our colleagues in order to help them reach their highest potential both in their individual lives as well as throughout the broader community.

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