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Click To Watch : Technomoderation & Your Faith Walk

Updated: May 6, 2021

Keeping Technology In A Healthy Perspective

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida is the Department Chair of the Mass Media Studies program at Talladega College. Almeida has published research articles in three continents relating to technology, published books on technology and research, and has delivered concurrent academic presentations in national and international conferences. Almeida has served as a critic of technology and leadership contributor in a number of media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, WAPT-Jackson, MS, CBS Channel 12 —Chattanooga, The Indiana Gazette, Cleveland Daily Banner, among many others. Internationally, Almeida has been featured on Radio CBN (Brazil), VOA (Portugal and Nigeria), Trifatto Magazine and O Globo Newspaper, also in Brazil. Almeida has also been a contributor to the Prattler Handbook of Latino Education in the U.S, is a lifetime member of the Holmes Partnership minority program, was acclaimed by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review as “Newsmaker” for his work with technology, and has served as a quantitative researcher for the multi-million dollar Classrooms For the Future (CFF) and Enhancing Education Through Technology grants. Almeida delivered a TEDx talk “Breaking Free From Technology and was interviewed by the Digital Citizenship Summit at Twitter Headquarters for his work on technology which received millions of media impressions. He received his PhD from Penn State University and lives with his wife and daughter in Oxford, AL. Dr. Almeida is a Christian and blogs regularly on the topic of faith. Find his writings on faith in the "Blessings" category of his blog: WATCH THE FULL EPISODE BELOW ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL

In his book, "Technomoderation", Dr. Almeida argues that humanity seems to be increasingly more and more numb to the fact that we are becoming more like computers and that too many of us rely on technology for temporary highs or distractions from the real world. He then offers hope that technology can be leveraged against itself to simplify our lives and enhance our human experience. In this episode of The Kinetic we will discuss this new model of human behavior that he's identified, what it is that truly makes us human and how we should hold onto and nurture positive social qualities before ending up mindless tech drones. How does all of this tie into our spiritual walk with Christ? Tune in and find out! To Learn More About Our Guest: Listen to his TED x Talk "Breaking Free from Technology" Below

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